What a humbling experience it was on Mandela Day the 18th of July 2017 at the IEA Elite, watching our Precious Pony Campers baking cupcakes for 72 Children less fortunate then themselves for TLC Children’s Home in Eikenhoff, which is an orphanage catering from New born babies through to high School learners.

Having spoken to the owner, she said the adoption process can take up to 17 months.

When we handed over the cupcakes, their little face just shone and laughter of pure joy left their lips.

We were shown around and where allowed to interact with the precious children.

Upon leaving, I felt a heaviness in my heart. Yet I had a smile on my face knowing that our Pony Campers From the IEA Elite brought a smile to a strangers face and made a difference in their lives.

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