Monde Msomi, Grade 7

SANESA Finals were very scary, but we overcame the fears together as the Sedibeng Equestrian team. SANESA was hard and tough because of the competition and I was very lucky to come 5th out of 28 riders. I had fun doing Working Riding and enjoyed it. I just kept on remembering that even if I lose there is no stress because it is just for fun.

We worked well as a team representing the Sedibeng area. The experience was so exciting and scary. Once you are used to something you can accomplish anything.

Makhosonke Thabete Grade 7

My experience of SANESA Finals was great. I had a lot of fun and it was exciting. I saw a lot of new things. I enjoyed the show jumping and I loved the dressage. I was nervous to ride in the finals because I thought I would not make it. I rode my spooky horse Even though i was a little bit scared, I know that she loves me and would not let anything bad to happen to me. At SANESA there were a lot of people riding that thought they would not make it, but they did and I was one of them.

Now Ive learnt all the disciplines but most of all I like dressage. It was very nice at the Finals and I lived it, even though I rode a spooky horse. She is the best pony in the world to me.

Nandi Kamohi Grade 5

My name is Naledi Kamohi and I am going to talk about SANESA. I go to SANESA because I like helping. Competing and watching other people compete that is why I go to SANESA. My favourite thing is SANESA because it is fun And I really like the competition. SANESA is the best because you can learn how to control a horse, a naughty horse by looking at other riders not one person. I like horse riding and horses because it can be a fun sport and a dangerous sport when you fall off a horse, it is part of the horse riding and not like the end of the world, you are still alive so you get back up onto the horse and show them who is boss, that is what SANESA taught me and I thank God, I am in The IEA Elite school. SANESA is the place to go if you want to compete with horses.

Olerato Kamohi Grade 10

SANESA finals were exciting and at the same time scary. What I have accomplished by being a representative of Sedibeng Equestrian Team:

Firstly, I made the Sedibeng Equestrian Team proud by going to the show and doing my best.

Secondly showing people what we the Sedibeng Equestrian Team can do. It wasn’t only my horse and I which did our best but the support from our family, friends and team. The worst thing is, I wanted to quit but thought to myself that wasn’t an option. I said to myself that I would enjoy myself and have fun and no matter what happened, I would know I did my best.

What I would say to fellow riders is, it’s not all about winning but doing your best and enjoying yourself, which helps, as a lot of anxiety is taken away from you, then you end up doing your best.

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