Pursue a Career in Horses

There is a need for suitably qualified staff within the ever-growing horse industry of South Africa. The IEA Elite offers career training courses at its well-equipped academy and equestrian center where learners can attend lectures as well as gain essential practical experience.

Post-Matric Equestrian Course The IEA Elite offers post-matric module courses which provide Equestrian training in line with EQASA (Equestrian Qualifications Authority of Southern Africa) syllabus and requirements of the EQASA certificate examinations. These modules range from stable yard skills to the preliminary riding instruction module & Level 1 Riding Instructor module.

Career paths

We equip learners with the required skills for the following 5 career paths within the horse industry:

  • Equine Stud Management
  • Stable Yard Management
  • Equestrian Riding Instructor
  • Equine Vets Assistant
  • Assistant Race Horse Trainer
Post-Matric Application Form
Post Matric Complete Application
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