Early Learning Development Centre

Children are unique therefore we provide individual attention. Our aim is to promote social, intellectual, physical and emotional development in a country environment.

Ages 3 months to 6 years old.

Half Day

  • Half day: Hours are from 7:50 to 12:40.
  • Children may be dropped off after 07:00 and collected before 13:00.

Full Day

  • Full day: Hours are from 7:50 to 16:45.
  • Children may be dropped off after 07:00 and collected before 17:30.

Our Facilities

We offer a clean and safe environment, nutritious meals and competent care givers to create a happy environment. Happy children make happy learners. Our purpose is to meet, to the best of our ability, your child’s basic needs (social, intellectual, physical and emotional) with love and understanding.

Equi-Tots is a haven where your child will be provided with a nurturing environment and encouraged to build a foundation for continued learning. A feeling of self-worth is one of the greatest attributes that you can give a child. Your child will be taught how to make good choices, display good manners, and work independently as well as in a group, to take responsibility, to share and to respect all others.

  • Closed on all Public Holidays.
  • Open door policies – come and visit your child whenever you like.
  • Our educators are well-trained.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
  • We offer extra enrichment programmes at an additional cost:
    • Art
    • Dancing
    • Karate
    • Play ball
    • Swimming and more.
  • Progress reports – Bi-Anually.
  • Your child will only be released to those individuals stipulated by you, with positive identification.
  • Background checks are done on all our employees.

We close for approximately 1 month during December and January each year.

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