The IEA Elite: Academy of Choice

The IEA Elite tuition concept means that learners receive individual attention so that they can be extended and pushed to excel in their specific grade. Learners will follow the IMPAQ CAPS + learning areas and assessment guidelines ensuring the highest level of education. The IEA Elite have found that many learners find the current schooling system impersonal and children often end up falling behind because teachers do not have the time to give learners enough individual attention. “The whole concept of an independently run school with small numbers, is that learners will have the opportunity to develop holistically and not be stunted by large classes that allow for very little stimulation.

We believe a tried and tested curriculum along with qualified educators and small classes are the recipe for success. We encourage learners and educators to adopt an attitude of family and team work. Although we expect the highest standard of respect and good manners, we encourage our educators and learners to communicate on an equal level, thus ensuring the kind of relationship where learners feel comfortable enough to come to educators with their problems.

Our goal is to be the academy of choice for equestrians and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. In an environment of integrity, hard work and responsibility we aim to provide the best of both worlds. Academic skills and equestrian skills of an international standard.