Imagine this 500 kg of pure muscle, moving gracefully through the air carrying your child to new heights. That is a metaphor for what we have personally witnessed these great animals achieve, not only with learners with difficulties such as dyslexia, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), with every learner they encounter. We are all searching for that ever elusive balance in our lives and we at The IEA Elite believe horses are the answer. Horses are extremely susceptible to human vibration. In order to manage a horse the rider has to remain calm and confident. Learners quickly pick up that if they are agitated the horse will be agitated and if they calm down the horse will calm down.

They learn that they have to be patient with the horse in order for them to get the horse to perform. Before long we have noticed learners applying these lessons to their own academic and personal lives. Once the learner becomes patient with themselves and tones it down a notch or two, they realize they can and will learn anything.

Equine therapy is very popular abroad, while South Africa still lags behind, we are catching up slowly but surely. Large corporations often send their staff for equine therapy to build their confidence and team building. Horses are the great silent communicators.

The IEA Elite provide a holistic academic experience. We have taken an amazing curriculum, add dedicated happy teachers, put in a dash of horses, sprinkle in a bit of good old fashioned country environment and you have the winning recipe for producing successful learners.

With tuition hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm we have plenty of time to add extra curricular activities such as vegetable gardening, dance class, ladies and gentleman club, earth child environmental club, maths club as well as public speaking.

Horse riding takes place 4 days of the week for competitive riders and once a week for those learners who only ride for fun. Every year our competitive riders participate at the South African National Equestrian Schools Association (SANESA). The majority of our riders learned to ride horses for the first time at The IEA Elite and are already winning classes at SANESA. This association does amazing things for entry level riders wanting to gain experience before competing at affiliated shows. Many of our riders have received their colours for competing nationally.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our educators themselves continue to learn, The IEA Elite constantly send our educators on short courses which provide them with up to date knowledge on new problems especially surrounding dyslexia where new discoveries are made on a daily basis, and how to solve them as they arise.

With the world evolving as fast as it does academies need to keep their finger on the button and find new ways to keep learning interesting for all age groups.

We believe at The IEA Elite is that if children don’t learn the way we teach, we need to teach the way they learn.

Rebecka Klare Gr 6

The IEA Elite is amazing because of the combination of equestrian and academic studies which are not offered by other schools in the area.

The teachers are nice and kind and offer help when you struggle with work. They also offer emotional support. The academic work is hard sometimes, but IMPAQ provide a good educational curriculum and it is user friendly and you are able to work at your own pace. The opportunity to ride my horse every day is amazing and I am now competitively jumping 80cm which I never thought I could do, thanks to great  instructors, who inspire me and are always helpful. Being at this academy has helped me to grow up and feel safe. I am doing much better in my academics and riding since I’ve been at The IEA Elite.

I enjoy competing thanks to my horse IEA Elite Joshua’s Dream and hard working instructors Candice and Meggan. Miss Tina the grade 1-3 teacher and one of our dorm parents has helped me in many ways. Without the academic team I would not be who I am today.

Gary Klare, proud father of Rebecka Klare

Rebecka chose The IEA Elite after we sent her to one of their school holiday programmes. I had already tried seven different school, who all assure me they would help her. She was suffering from ADHD and was not able to find the right fit at any of these schools. I was sceptical at first but decided it was worth a try. Rebecka is now medication free and excelling not only in her riding career but also in her academics.

Monde Msomi Gr 7

I have been at this academy for two years now and it’s been awesome, fun and exciting. The horse I ride is Princess Zeena. She might be hard to control and ride but I have said to myself, I might fall off but if I do I will get back on.

At the tutor centre we are mixed in classes like grade 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. I am in the 7-9 class. Our school starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. We have equine, academic, equestrian and physical educational classes like dancing and yoga periods all day with three breaks, tea, lunch and tuck which is included in our tuition fees.

Our academy has performed at prestigious shows like the  The Royal Show. Last year we won the SANESA trophy for the primary school category. The way I feel about The IEA Elite is that  we are confident, kind, responsible, unique, helpful, polite, considerate, excited and well prepared for the future.

Nomonde Msomi, proud parent of Monde Msomi

Monde was diagnosed with suffering from anxiety in class. He was not managing in a conventional school and as a result, this slowed him down from performing academically to the best of his ability.  He needed my intervention as he was just making it. I came across The IEA Elite. We went through to view the academy in September 2015. While the principal Mr. Phillip was taking us around, Monde just integrated well with the other children there. It was like a miracle, God had answered my prayers. He started at The IEA Elite in January 2016.

We immediately saw an improvement in his speech, the way he was expressing himself. Afrikaans mark improved. In addition, he passed with distinctions for the first time at the end of 2016. The IEA Elite really made it possible for Monde to shine. I believe that the horses played a huge part in building his confidence therefore allowing him to realize his academic potential.

Naledi Kamohi Gr 5

I have been at The IEA Elite for two years. It is a good academy because it starts at eight am until five pm which is ten hours of school work which is very good as you learn a lot of different subjects.

The academy provides tea, lunch and tuck time. It is a high education because the work is not easy in the higher grades or lower grades. The teachers are good as they teach you what you don’t know.

The academy is small, I like that because the teachers can spend more time with you. There is equi-tots, grd 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. I like the academy because they teach you horse riding. You learn how to take a bridle apart, you learn more work as I said you learn what you don’t know that’s why I enjoy it here.

Cameron Peters Gr 9

I chose The IEA Elite because it is a fun, trust worthy and dependable academy where children learn a lot. They become more responsible and smarter every day. This academy is where children grow with love.

I really enjoy the horse riding, The IEA Elite has great horse riding instructors who ensure safety and good times when on a horse.  I really trust the riding instructors knowing they will be there to cheer me up when I have had a fall or when I feel nervous at riding shows. The horses are not just adorable but are also intelligent.

I would recommend this tutor centre to friends and children that love horses and riding as horses can be great teachers.

The boarding facilities and environment has become a home away from home for me and I enjoy the independence I have learned here. I love having a private room in the dormitory which provides me with the privacy I sometimes need in my own room. At first it was a very different feeling going off to boarding school but now I enjoy it a lot.

IEA Elite school truck

The education quality is excellent and we learn something interesting everyday. We are provided with individual attention in small classes. I love my teachers and appreciate the effort they make in helping me reach my potential. Our curriculum allows children to learn at their own pace from a high quality of education provided by IMPAQ.

I have accomplished a lot at this academy and so have other learners. My biggest accomplishments to date is earning the award for ‘’ most improved rider’’ in 2016 and becoming a stable yard prefect in 2017.

Savannah Dionisio Gr 11

Since I started at The IEA Elite, my life has completely changed in the best way possible. I have become much happier with myself and I now actually love school and am excited to wake up in the morning. The IEA Elite makes me feel at home. I can be myself and not worry about getting judged or bullied. Everyone at The IEA Elite cares for one another and love each other – it feels like we are all a family. This academy is my safe haven.

I would not change anything about The IEA Elite. This school is everything and more that I have ever wanted. The staff, teachers, kids and the horses are all so special and important. My love and passion is horse riding. Being around horses everyday makes me spiritually, mentally and emotionally happy. I am so privileged to be able to ride everyday. It is so true when people say “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

The academy has uplifted my self esteem, I am so happy and proud about my academic marks. I wish that I had known about The IEA Elite earlier because I would have loved to have enrolled sooner. The IEA Elite is the best thing that ever happened to me, and to my future! I thrive at this academy, I glow everyday. I love my school.

Marica Grobler, client liaison officer and parent of learners Julian Gr 3 and Andriette Gobler Gr 5

From a mom’s perspective I had to very unhappy children in a mainstream school. They had to face a lot of challenges on a daily basis and support from the school was almost none existent. We had two de motivated and depressed children. We simply knew that there was no way of continuing like that as it was not beneficial to us as family or to them as learners. The decision was made to move them to The IEA Elite. My children are happy, doing well physically and mentally. My daughter hums and skips around the school grounds (even hums when riding apparently), my son has less issues with asthma and both of them are doing well in their school work. They feel safe and are enjoying their days to the fullest. The fact that the classes are small and teachers hand picked makes this an ideal academic environment for children who love smaller groups and individual attention.

From an employee’s perspective. I am proud to be associated with a company that takes the concept of family seriously. They value each and every employee, learner and parent with the utmost care taken to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. Their love for horses and children shines through in the way that they approach the planning of extra outings and finding new activities for their learners. I have seen children run up to Taneil, Melissa and Rudi and being hugged and loved – it’s the little things that makes the lasting impressions on these learners lives. I am very exited about the future of The IEA Elite.

Olerato Kamohi Gr 10

The IEA Elite is a school with a difference as it offers both equine studies and academics. As an avid animal lover, I chose the academy as it offers the benefits of horse-human connection. Through building a relationship with the horse and riding experience it has helped me grow in confidence with myself and the feeling of bonding with a horse brings me joy and pleasure. The added benefit in small classes allow one-on-one attention with tutors.

The academic staff and riding instructors are  caring and involved with learners who have our best interests at heart. This has resulted in improvement in my school life, also socially. I have grown in confidence in many area of my life. I’ve been at The IEA Elite for 2 years now and I would recommend the academy to other children who not only have a love of  riding but need the individual attention in order to reach their full potential. To date I have accomplished much and I give credit to where I am to The IEA Elite.

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