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On 19 March 2018, our grade 7-12 learners had the opportunity to do a tour through the SABC Buildings in Auckland Park. The Tours are part of the Corporate Affairs Division, staffed by permanent and freelance personnel.

IEA Elite Grade 7-12 learners with SABC tour guide Amanda Mkutyukelwa

Our knowledgeable tour guide, Amanda Mkutyukelwa, had answers ready for any question thrown her way. I must admit that I also admire her navigation skills; the building may look like nothing from the outside, but the inside is a buzzing maize and you cannot help but feel the tension and excitement floating around.

SABC Buildings in Auckland Park
SABC Buildings in Auckland Park

SABC Buildings in Auckland Park – the inside is a buzzing maize with tension and excitement floating around

We were taken to Ukhozi FM studio where Amanda explained how broadcasting is done and why it is possible to do a broadcast in KZN from Johannesburg. She also described each role player and how they handle their part of the broadcast. Our learners have a new found respect for radio and also understand why you should do the right thing and pay your TV Licence.

There was also an opportunity to see where actual TV programmes like Muvhango is produced. You could see the learners keeping their eyes peeled for actors that might be hanging around. We were taken to the storage area and shown how a set is built. David and Olerato’s reactions were priceless and even had Amanda in stitches. It was hilarious to see David melt like a snowman in a heat wave when he saw his favourite actor on set. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to stay and watch how a scene was produced.

We all agreed that people working in the newsroom are not only gutsy, but also very strong in more than one way. As news is current and live there is no opportunity to miss a step or beat. We saw beads of sweat rolling from more than one forehead and that was not due to the air conditioner being out of service! The pressure is on every second of the day.

The SABC also offers training opportunities for learners who have to do a practical component of media studies, camera work and other related departments. We were fortunate enough to view a camera woman being trained on the practical side of panning.

The dedicated, talented and enthusiastic SABC team made the tour fun and informative. Our Grade 7-12 learners enjoyed a wonderful and educational experience.

By Marica Grobler, Grade 7-12 teacher at the IEA Elite

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