What makes a tutor centre different from a private or government school?

When enrolling a child at a tutor centre, the legal onus is on the parent to register the child with the Department of Education, whereas the school is responsible for this duty at private and government schools.

Most often, you will find tutor centres have a lower number of children per teacher ratio and the focus on individual attention is a lot higher than in mainstream schooling. 

Reputable tutor centres ensure their teachers are qualified, health and safety regulations are up to date and there is consent use from the municipality and a fire department certificate. Registered tutor centres are also affiliated with an approved CAPS curriculum provider. If the tutor centre does not have this in place, I would highly recommend continuing with your search.

Children get “lost” in the school system with the size of the class rooms, as the teachers cannot handle the number of students. The result thereof is the children are suffering!

Private education is no better! A popular talk show, 702 Talk Radio, recently had a lot to say about private schools and how they are run. Apart from the bullying, which seems to be a big problem, all the nonsense lately at larger schools is one of the main reason’s parents are looking at alternative education solutions for their children.

Tutor centres guarantee individual attention, allowing a child that requires more time in understanding his or her task the time needed with the teacher. Each student is noticed, and not just one of 38 – 40 children. The increased participation and improved communication are reflected on the report card at the end of the term. 

Learning is enhanced and the class will progress quicker, which will inevitably promote self-confidence and encourage the child to communicate better.

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  1. So your school I.e Tutor Centre is not registered with the dept education as a private school then?

    1. Yes that is correct, The IEA Elite educational institution is a Tutor Centre and therefore does not need to be registered with the Department of Education.

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