Daily services:

  • 8am – 5pm Tuition both academic and equestrian
  • Healthy cooked lunch served
  • Equine studies theory and practical lessons
  • Horse riding lessons by professional coaches
  • Studying in a unique environment
  • Boarding facilities with horse livery on site
  • Coaches accompany learners to shows nationally
  • Practical application (career experience)
  • Entrepreneurial skills development
  • Vegetable garden project
  • Basic communication training IsiZulu

The most unique thing about The Immaculate Equestrian Academy Elite is that we offer our learners so many opportunities to gain real world experience and make connections with media, corporates and equine industry specialists around the globe.

Q: As a parent have you found the current schooling system impersonal?
A: The IEA Elite learning concept means that learners are treated as individuals and are not just a number. We limit our classes to 14 learners per class. Learners are encouraged to love learning so that they can be driven to excel in both their academics and as equestrian athletes. Learners are taught to work independently and have self discipline preparing them for university or higher education and entrepreneurship. Learners follow the CAPS learning areas and assessment guidelines ensuring the highest level of education. The IEA Elite Educational Institution is registered with MindScape distant learning, whose assessments are assessed by SACAI (South African Assessment Institute). Learners who write and pass the NSC examination in Grade 12 are issued a National Senior Certificates by Umalusi, the Quality Council responsible for the sub-framework General and Further Education and Training of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).
Q: Is your child often falling behind because teachers do not have the time to give them enough attention?
A: We encourage learners and educators to adopt an attitude of team work and think of ourselves as a tribe within the village of The IEA Elite. This means your child will have a voice and it will be heard. Furthermore, our educators have a passion for helping children learn and assist with their daily academic needs ensuring that your child is happy and progressing at their own pace. Not only do we accommodate day scholars we also have boarding facilities allowing us to offer boarding weekly or termly. Oh yes and we can stable your horse too. Private room options available as well as dormitory style bedrooms sleeping 4-6 learners.
Q: Are horses the centre of your child's world?
A: Your child will compete in provincial and national competitions in South Africa though SANESA and Affiliated shows, representing themselves, The IEA Elite and or their district region, province or country. We offer academic and equestrian tuition to passionate horse lovers, Our learners parents register for home education which enables learners to continue studying uninterrupted while on the road or at away from home competitions. It is not essential for anyone to actually own their own horse or pony to participate in competitions however we do encourage learner to lease a horse from The IEA Elite to afford them a better opportunity and success rate at higher levels of competition We equip our learners with the required skills and qualifications for following a career within the horse (equine) industry simultaneously with their high school education allowing them to become qualified in 5 different equine fields at the same time as they matriculate.
Boarding weekly at The IEA Elite has afforded me the opportunity to achieve greater success in the competition arena due to the fact that I have extra time to bond and work with my horse Too Be Noble. My academic marks have improved because, for the first time in my life, I love learning. Our educators encourage us to learn on our own and I have discovered I enjoy challenging myself. We learn valuable life skills and are encouraged to think out the box. The Sky is the limit as they say and at The IEA Elite we really believe that.
-Savannah Dionisio - Matric Learner
I believe that the opportunities for young South Africans to enter the sport of equestrianism is limited, I feel privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to be coached by amazing instructors at The IEA Elite and they have opened my eyes to future career prospects, locally and internationally within the equine field. The academic and equestrian support and guidance we are offered by our educators is what has helped me achieve great success thus far and I look forward to matriculating with an NSC certificate and international EQASA qualification.
-Makhosonke Thabethe - Grade 9 Learner

Grade R - 12 Academic Education.

Equine career courses.

Full day or boarding options.

Equestrian sport development.

Horse riding and theory lessons.